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MPS Member Discounts


Emedica have partnered with the Medical Protection Society to offer MPS members discounts off our courses and online revision services.


Emedica GP ST Entry Courses - SAVE £25 with code mpsgpst

The Emedica GP ST Entry courses have been guiding doctors to successfully enter GP training since 2005. We have had more successes than any other course provider.


Getting into GP Training: Stages 1-4


Specialty Recruitment Assessment Crammer course


GP Stage 3 Assessment Preparation course


Emedica MRCGP Preparation Courses - SAVE £25 with code mpsmrcgp


Emedica MRCGP AKT Course


Emedica MRCGP CSA Course


Emedica Life After CCT Course - SAVE £95

The Emedica Life After CCT course is aimed at GP registrars within their last 6 months of training, and First5 GPs. It will help you understand and manage your career after completing GP training. The course usually costs £195 but MPS members can book for just £100. MPS will email you a special code to get this discount.


** Please note that only 1 discount can be applied per order, and no discounts can be applied retrospectively. **


Not a member of MPS? Experience what MPS can offer you, including FREE medical publications for GPs.

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk