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GP Recruitment


The process of applying to GP comprises the following stages:


Longlisting (formerly known as Stage 1) is based on the submission of your application via Oriel. To be longlisted, you need to meet the eligibilty criteria. The main ones are:

- Eligible for full registration with the GMC

- 2 years post graduation experience

- Evidence of Foundation Year 2 competences

Read the FULL eligibility critera in the National Person Specification from the National Recruitment Office site.


Specialty Recruitment Assessment (formerly known as Stage 2) is a computer based exam comprising both clinical and professional dilemma multiple choice questions.

- Professional dilemma paper - 58 Situational Judgement Test questions in 110 minutes

- Clinical problem solving paper - 97 clinical questions in 75 minutes  You can read more about this paper and how to prepare for it in this article on the SRA.

Candidates will be shortlisted to Stage 3 based on how they score in the SRA - the application, past experience, additional qualifications are not considered. If you score 575+ combined, you will be exempt the next stage and given a direct offer. This score is set to include the top 10% of the cohort.


Selection Centre (formerly known as Stage 3) involves 3 simulated consultations (1 with a simulated patient, 1 with a relative or carer and 1 with a collegue) lasting 10 minutes each and a written prioritisation exercise (essay style question) lasting 30 minutes.  You can read more about Stage 3 in this article.


GPST Application Process



  Guidance for applicants  



There are three rounds of recruitment each year for GP training, dates as follows:


Round 1 – applications open in autumn/winter (November/December) for jobs starting the following August. The SRA is usually first week of January, with the Selection Centre taking place in the first 2 weeks of February.


Round 1 Re-advert – applications open in the spring (Feb / March) for jobs starting in August the same year. The SRA is usually late April with the Selection Centre in early May. This used to be known as Round 2.


Round 2 – applications open in August for jobs starting the following February. The SRA is in mid-September and the Selection Centre about 2 weeks later. This was previously known as Round 3.


Jobs that are unfilled from Round 1 are available in Round 1 Re-advert for both new applicants and those who applied in Round 1 but were unsuccessful. All jobs start in August.


The jobs available in Round 2 are jobs unfilled by the previous two rounds of recruitment - jobs start in February.


GPST Application Timeline


  Guidance for applicants  


Comprehensive preparation for GPST Entry:

Stages 1-4 Stage 2 Crammer Course Stage 2 Online
Stage 3 Course Stage 3 Online Consultation Skills 1-1

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk